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Be sure to check out our customer comments page! 

In Loving Memory of Fred Dinwiddie Sr.
Nov.3rd, 1949- Aug.15th, 2007


Our children help socialize all of our dogs.

Wednesday and Morris the cat.

Ally with Ginger

Socialization is the key element ...
We expose all of our puppies to children and various animals from birth.
Our Puggle Kyleigh with our rabbit

Thumper and Truffles
Spending quality time together.


Here's one of our past Poodle puppies.


We promise to be honest about our puppies health, registrations, vaccinations, wormings, diet, and care.
We provide you with exact details of date of birth, immunizations, wormings, care, personality, and parentage. Our puppies are raised in a safe, controlled, and stimulating environment.   
We do not sell other people's puppies because we guarantee our puppies health.   
We have made many friends and have provided many families and individuals with  puppies  that had a healthy start.   We feel good knowing that these puppies have gone to great homes and will be loved for years to come.
We encourage microchipping  and updating of vet records of puppies because we keep your puppies information here - on file as a backup just in case your records are lost.
Privacy Policy-
We never release your personal or financial information to anyone for any reason unless required to do so by law.  Your name will never be sold, leased, traded, or used for any purpose. We may ask for a reference from time to time but always with your permission first.   You will be asked for permission to be added to our customer comments page with email address hidden unless you wish to provide it.  (not recommended due to spammers)

Our dogs and puppies are a part of our family, they are raised and socialized
in our home with our 5 children. They are played with and given attention daily. The puppies are socialized from birth. We don't sell to puppy brokers, pet stores, or kennels. References available.
Please get in touch if you would like to be added to our waiting list for an upcoming litter or if you would like to purchase one of our available puppies.

You can e-mail us from the link at the top of the page or call us at 540-726-3334